Sad State of Canadian Ecommerce

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Two of the biggest online shopping shopping days have come and passed with Cyber Monday and Black Friday, did you make sure to capitalize? Based on a recent industry polling, it seems that it’s likely that you didn’t.

growthThe growth that Canadian retailers have been experiencing online for the last year or so has slowed to such a crawl that it’s nearly at a standstill. It is doubly important to get your collective heads in the game, especially since consumers savvy hasn’t slowed in the slightest where shopping is concerned. Online spending has been on a swift rise for more than 4 years in Canada, but has all but shifted to south of the border due to retailers not homing in on this trend and capitalizing. Of course there is a cost to developing a proper ecommerce site but the benefit drastically outweighs that cost. There are some major brands out there of course which have their ecommerce solutions built and took advantage of the billions of dollars that were spent in the last week online, but most missed out than benefited, and even some who should know better lost out where ecommerce in Canada is concerned.

When Target made its big launch into Canada in March it didn’t include an online store, Canadian Tire only sells tires online and although it plans to enact a wider e-commerce strategy next year, it will focus on letting consumers ship purchases to their nearest store, not to their home, a key difference between Canadian and US ecommerce stores. Consumers aren’t blind to the fact that there are often better deals and more selection available if they do some cross-border online shopping, even after factoring in all of the extra charges that are a part of online shopping. And where do we rank according to a poll just a couple of months old? Compared to other countries of our technological savvy, we come in pretty much last where ecommerce sales are concerned. Our closest comparison is Australia at this point, and even they are a few years ahead of us in sophistication. In that same poll more than 75% of the consumers in the survey said they would use the web to help them decide which stores to shop at this holiday season and which brands to purchase. And of those, about half said they’d use their mobile phone as a shopping tool. You may have lost out on the shopping from this passed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t let the rest of the holiday season get away from you.