Search Tips – Linking Do Nots

In the wild west of the web, there is a rule set to follow, set in place by the “king” of the realm; Google. If you want to be found by the world, you follow their rules, or risk being removed from “the list”, the listing results pages. There are a hundred thing to do right on any given page, and a million things you can do wrong, I’m just going to mention a few points on linking in and around your site to help traffic flow.

1. You neglected the KISS rule. (Keep It Simple Silly)

It is amazing what people will do for a freebie. Extend a simple offer to your customer base and see how many link back to your site.

2. You neglected to do due diligence while link building.

The Google dance, the qualitative quick step, re-indexing, all of the aforementioned terms can scare website owners because one day they may be on top of their respective terms, and the next, no where to be found. Getting authority links is hard work, but worth it if you want to carry through re-indexing with strong rankings.

3. You’ve become link elitist.

Forums, blog comments, fully filled out profile links on social media sites, aren’t worthless. Proper linking has multiple effects, it not only provides your website with algorythmic standing with the search bots, it also helps to make your brand known online. A blog a day, a post a day in an active, relevant forum, building social media connections with like minded individuals all lend to your success.

4. You don’t use video or audio in your site.

YouTube is the second most used search engine on the ‘net. And with the availability of streaming media online, it would be a shame to spend no time in this corner of hte online arena. Podcasts, webinars, intro videos, etc are all valuable linking tools when creatively developed.

5. You cried “LINK ME!!” one too many times.

Save press releases for major announcements and create a tip sheet to highlight your products and services. Tip sheets are generally well received and will go a long way to making you top of mind with the media in your industry.

And an oldy but a goody, if you find yourself in link hell it just might be because…

6. You don’t have your own copy.

Good content is worth its weight in gold, without it we’d have no linkbait to push. You can fill out profiles, buy directory submissions and drop comment links all day and still never obtain the algorithmic and business authority you achieve from a well written piece of promoted content.

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