SEO basics overlooked by fastest growing companies

A review of the top 100 fastest growing ‘start-up’ companies, as published by BRW magazine in August 2009, showed that just 42% of these firms included a targeted search engine optimisation structure on their websites. This might include the use of relevant search terms being used throughout the website, such as targeting relevant keywords in the title tag and description metatags, as well as the focus of page content or website structure to help improve the chances of the website ranking well on Google and other search engines for their product or service.

Nearly all of the 100 companies listed were using a website, either as their primary business tool or as a marketing or information site for their business. However, the majority of these have yet to implement these SEO basics to take advantage of reaching potential new customers who may not know of their business, but are searching the web for their type of business.

Clive Hawkins, commented on the results: “This proportion of business websites that have yet to utilize the opportunities for new business growth through search engines is symptomatic of the lack of awareness or perceived importance about the impact of SEO techniques. They may be using search advertising, such as Google AdWords, but if they have a website, they should also be developing search engine optimisation as a more cost-effective long term marketing strategy.”

Hawkins continued: “Clearly these top 100 fastest growing companies are doing something right in their business sectors, and they should be congratulated on their performance over the previous financial year. However, if nearly 60% of these companies are doing little to create even more opportunities for business through their websites, then it’s surprising since once of the essentials for any website these days is to get search engine optimisation basics sorted out. You can only wonder how much faster these companies might have grown if they had fully utilised the potential for search engine marketing for their businesses!”
(source PR USA)

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