SEO in 20??


With Search engine optimization being the beast of a marketing tool as it is, is it still enough? Is organic SEO the end all, be all, when it comes to making your investment pay off online? As much as I would love to shout from the tops of the tallest buildings “Yes!!”, I unfortunately have to utter a meek “no” from the streets.

The reason for this, is because on the Internet, the world wide web, nothing is static. From it’s beginnings as ARPA in the early 70’s, to it’s current, near light speed, iteration, the Internet has never stopped moving, growing, and adapting. And in order to accomodate the rapid advances of the Internet, more and more households, businesses, and devices have become wired, linked in.

As our devices become more and more powerful, and more and more compact, the Internet is surging to change again; into a portable version of ‘itself’. Twitters, Facebooks, Myspaces, Bings, Googles, and GPS’s are everywhere, built into most devices even now. And with all of our advancements, all of the available knowledge to be shared, most are concerned about their next Tweet, their next mobile message.

Search engine optimization is changing, into a much, much more valuable tool in todays world wide web. With the influx of the inane, the incorporation of real time results into your search results, the need to understand, and exercise control over these new avenues of optimization are ever increasing in importance. When it comes to your actual website, being able to have the true SEO experts lend expertise in order to sculpt your website into the king of the mountain is ever more important. And yet that’s only the beginning. After the easy work is done, checking pages, verifying relevance, etc, the real work begins, where the optimization magic begins.

Just as a master chef prepares exquisite banquets, the real SEO experts skills draw the attention of, first the search engines. As your page climbs the rankings in the results pages, you can watch your competitors fall further and further behind you online. Until you find yourself the king of the mountain, master of your market, and yet, there is still much more to be done.

Social marketing, especially via mobile technology is rapidly expanding in use. Blogs are often taken as authority on an extremly grand scope of topics from homecare, childcare, technology, etc. The list goes on and on, you will find a blog in most search results. Real time interactivity with clients is becoming increasingly attractive to prospective new clients, and the faithful alike. Being able to have questions answered in a timely fashion is good for any business maker.

And still, there’s more which can, and should be done. Search engine marketing (SEM), is a different beast to tame altogether. Sponsored ads, displayed relevant to the search performed, are displayed for impulse users.

All of the methods touched upon, are going to become yesterdays news, because the Internet is growing again. Native language URLs introduced, Net Neutrality battles being fought, the availability of everything imaginable online, is changing the world by the minute. Are you ready for what’s coming? The wave is coming, get ready to ride..

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