SEO in 2011 – Are you ready?

There are a number of checks and balances online when it comes to SEO. And the more finely tuned you can make those points, the faster and more precise you can be in your climb to first place on the SERPs. With the year about to end, and being on the cusp of the next, here’s a quick checklist to see if you are ready to tackle 2011 online.

Website URL: When you’re looking at your websites url/address, it’s easy to forget that it is, or should be, second nature to you. Try to imagine you’re seeing it for the first time as a consumer. Is it easy to remember? Is it a complicated acronym of letters? Keep it simple and you’ll be further ahead from the get go. Another good rule of thumb, if it’s not memorable, it should be easily searchable.

Website Logo: Do you have an easily recognizable logo? Or is it plain, greyscale print on a white and black background. Think of your websites face, the brand image you’d like to project to the online world.

Website: Now this is a can of worms. Everything can affect both your search/SEO prospects, and your visitor prospects. Everything from color scheme, to layout, from menu placement to text placement affects your site. Try and remember what MySpace looked like 10 years ago with pixel graphics and sounds playing upon entering, does your website have any of those problems? If they do, it’s time to seek professional help.

Website Coding: The non visible portion of your website, is also what determines everything I mentioned in the general website rules. Embedded java, flash elements, active java elements working on your website all cause issue with both search, and can affect user experience as well.

These are just some very basic ideas on what to examine on your website with the pending holidays. If at the end of going through the preliminary list you find yourself making notes relating to improvements on your website, you know which is the kick off point for your online campaign in the New Year.

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