SEO Scam Warning

Local businesses are falling prey to scams by so-called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies promising unrealistic internet traffic and search engine results, according to a web development company.

One of the clients contacted them this week to report the scam and to alert other businesses that may fall foul of the practice.

They said the business was told by scammers it could have its website listed at the top of the Google search engine with an obscure search term.

“The trouble is, according to Google, no one had used the search term in the past 12 months and there is very little chance of it being used in the future.

“Yet the client could easily have been conned into spending $1000’s promoting a worthless search term and would have lost even more money if they had accepted the proposal.

At Fresh Traffic we advise business operators to check the credentials of SEO companies before making any financial commitment.

“A good SEO company will have years of experience and practice in the methods used to produce the right results, and will also have testimonials and success stories on their website.”

If you require SEO Help, call the experts today at Fresh.

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