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1-5 Day Course

We have a number of courses available from One Day Exec Courses to an 5 day Advanced Course, Learn our step by step, stress free system for gaining top Web visibility and exposure.

The 1 day course is geared for:

The Business Owner, Executive, Marketing Professional or CPA who realizes the importance of gaining Internet marketing knowledge, but does not necessarily need detailed & technical training. This is also ideal for the  beginner, or someone who wants a no nonsense Session covering all the SEO Fundamentals and all the Advanced Topics.
We appreciate your the busiest of people, time is money, we won’t waste any of yours.

The 2 day session is geared for

  • The beginner, or someone who wants a no nonsense Training covering all the SEO Fundamentals.
  • The self-taught SEO in need of formal Certified Training, and a solid grounding in the fundamentals
  • The SEO newbie ready to get actionable training.
  • The Business Owner or Marketing Professional who realizes the importance of Internet marketing knowledge and wants the detailed & technical training.
  • The Web Designer whose clients are demanding more than a great looking site, they want results too.

The 5-Day Complete SEO Masters Course

  • combines the all Basic SEO Essentials with an Advanced SEO Workshop making a 5 Day Powerful immersion in SEO

Even people with prior experience in SEO planning should consider the full 5-days of training which includes the 2 Day Basic SEO Essentials course, if they have not had formal training; only read or studied online; maybe attended an SEO conferences or two, this could be for you, they will still appreciate the grounding they get in the Basic SEO Workshop; of course some sessions of the Basic Workshop may be a review, which is a great an opportunity to hone your skills – we often forget some of the little things that complete the picture and matter, but there is sure to be a few tips you wont read about that will make the extra investment well worthwhile.

Course dates & details will appear here when they become available.

Course Director Jerry Booth Bio

Since 1996, Fresh Traffic founder Jerry Booth has provided Internet Marketing, SEO & Online business solutions to local companies and national brands alike. He sold his company in 2004 to Google Inc.

A World renowned SEO and creative viral marketer who thinks of the Web in terms of how ideas spread. An ex-director of Google UK and Entrepreneur specializing in Online Branding and Real Estate. His clients have included Disney, Paramount, Samsung, Trump,VW, IMG, Remax, Oakley and Million Dollar Listings just to name a few.