Start Living Manitoba

Today’s news says Manitobans will soon see another round of taxpayer-funded ads promoting the province to the rest of Canada.

Premier Greg Selinger says the province’s promotion council is gathering resources from the public and private sectors for the next phase of its “Start Living” campaign.

The campaign has been somewhat in limbo since last spring (Surprise Surprise), when $2 million worth of television and newspaper advertising was purchased in other provinces.

Okay $2 million so far on television and newspaper Hello!!! When will someone in this province start walking not talking?

People of the marketing and promotions council, firstly, “start living” does this mean start going to gym, start eating healthy, start what? surely in the promotion it would have been far better calling it “Start Living Manitoba” why, because one you’re telling them exactly what it’s about and secondly for half the amount already spent you could have spread the word globally not just Canada via the Internet just how great living in Manitoba is.

With professional Online Marketing, “no your website is not enough” you could spread the word more efficiently to more people and eyeballs, 92% of people now search the Internet for everything including relocating, even the newspapers are online and only this week a deal was done for television to follow.

Selinger says Manitoba has to promote itself to compete with other jurisdictions and the “Start Living” slogan has gone over well with the public.

Greg, Mr Selinger, Sir, Please, have a word, half the people here have never heard of it, may be the public working on it, but not the general public and to compete means you would have to be top of the search engines to even start to compete.

The campaign boasts about the province’s quality of life, focusing on things such affordable homes and short commute times.

This is all true, I love living here, a little backward sometimes but the gains certainly outweigh the negatives.

Time to get onboard Manitoba to a brand new world to you guys, it’s called the NET.

This does not mean just having a website built by the local winnipeg web design company and hoping someone see’s it, it means marketing that website in the proper manner to get full exposure, this can only be done by using a professional seo and internet marketing company.

I’ll let you work out the rest.

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