Step 1 – Be The Best Online

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We’ve always extolled the virtue of quality content with your website and about how it can help completely turn around an otherwise floundering web presence. There are two points when writing your content that seem to get missed frequently, the title of your content and the opening characters.

linkfishThe first sentence of your content is just a little more important that the body of your work, only because it’s often that your search description will be pulled from that phrase. In order to ideally make the best use of that opening phrase a couple of points to consider when beginning to write your newest web page or blog post.

There are actually two sides of the coin with this first one – you can either get directly to the point of your content or if you don’t make sure it is a leading statement which compels the audience to continue reading. This is the hook you need to consider when attracting visitors to your site, do you want to grab them and drag them in with a pointed statement, or do you want to lure them in and have them browse your website and take in more of your pages online. Neither approaches are wrong, one is just a more gentle approach to your online audience.

The other issue that we see when working online is website owners having an amazing website and not showing up in the search results because they’re trying to be too clever with their content. Here at Freshtraffic we offer digital marketing and online branding services and that’s reflected directly in our first sentence when you arrive at our site.

Fresh Traffic is a boutique digital marketing firm HQ in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We have who we are, what we do, and where we are all in just 76 characters in our opening phrase. Keep that in mind when working on your own web pages and content.

Not to forget though that the other major hook for your content is the title of your page and your content. Your title is the first thing that everyone sees to your content and website online so you need to ensure that it meets a couple of criteria or else you’re just wasting character space on the page. First thing to consider is actually a major point with your opening phrase, the length of your title. Ideally you’ll make your title less than 100 characters, because honestly anything even approaching that length is too long of a title. Use Twitter as a role model, a best case scenario is being able to fit your entire title as a Tweet with room to spare with an added “New Post” or “Flash Sales!” as an idea. The second title point coincides with the first, you should concentrate on making your title extremely clickable, link bait all on it’s own. Making your website and content highly relevant and becoming the leading authority in your niche market goes a long way to making your website linkable (visitors write their own content and link back to your pages) but the title of your pages and posts is the icing on the cake.