The Impulsive Searchers

With the speed and power of search, the growth of useful and useless information online and the proliferation of tabloid news everywhere it seems that the users are becoming more impulsive than ever before.

Taking even just a cursory glance at the trending topics and searches for the past few hours is largely indicative of this shift. Earlier in the day the top 10 trending searches were about the trades happening around the NHL. Checking just an hour later however, and everything has changed. And the top 5 searches right now don’t compare even remotely to this mornings news. Starting with the upcoming 2012 olympics logo and followed up quickly by charlie sheen on the today show appearance. Sheen has been in the news a lot lately with lifestyle choices and such, but with the havoc of the storm which passed through the southern states over night, a news station comes in at number 3 due to leveraging their social media strength above the news of an ESPN writer being arrested. Rounding out the top 5 hot searches is adnis dna and how or what do you owe this topic too? Charlie Sheen again as part of a statement made during his Today Show appearance in which he said he was filled with “tigers blood and adonis dna” of all things. Are those name brands now for designer drugs perhaps? The rest of the top 10 hot topics are just incredibly departed from the earlier news trends with Dr. Seuss and even Apollo 11 taking places in the ranks.

The only reason for bringing up all of the strange searche terms is this: the user base of search is becoming more and more impulsive in their queries for what they want. You have only a few seconds to capture their attention if you can get them to your website. Click through analysis done by search engines in the past show that users very rarely visit page 2 of the search results, and most often don’t even scroll passed the top 5 results. If you’re not sitting on page one for your market, and ideally even the top 5, you’re losing out on immense levels of potential business. So when you’re finished reading about Dr. Seuss, Apollo 11 and Nitro’s Law (Google it, I dare you) perhaps you’ll decide it’s time to get your game and website in shape, and where you belong.

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