The Internet is Upgraded

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – (ICANN), the folks who help make the Internet go ’round, are in the final stages of passing a proposal to introduce non-Latin characters to web addresses. Who knew that all this time, those www.urlhere addresses were latin, that’s greek to me..


This is an incredibly huge change. Aside from being one of the biggest changes to domain names since the Internet was created, 40+ years ago, it also finally takes into consideration that more than half the Internet’s users’ native languages contain non-Latin characters. In a very real sense, it represents the liberty of the Internet.

What this means, is we’re going to start seeing more of these urls:

instead of the same old addresses. If everything goes according to plan, we may start seeing the new urls as early as November 16th.

In the realm of SEO, this will definitely change some strategies, as companies can now start thinking about how their urls and associated text is translated, if they have an overseas presence. You may soon find yourself falling out of favor with international visitors in that sense, but gaining more localized business. It goes both ways in that end.

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