The Internet Marketing Reality of TV

Internet marketing is one of the most utilized means of promoting a product, service, or idea to the masses today. Reality television is one of the most popular forms of programming today, so it’s no coincidence that these share characteristics in terms of their appeal.

Three key aspects of the formula at work that has led to the popularity of reality television stars that professionals can apply to Internet marketing.

• Get Social – The most popular reality stars, from Heidi of MTV’s “The Hills” fame to Kim Kardashian, can be found on practically any social networking site available and numerous blogs. Social networking gives reality stars access to their fanbase and vice versa long after a program’s airtime has passed. Continual status updates on sites like Facebook help keep fans wanting more. Professionals can draw the same attention to their offerings by giving prospective customers the same kind of outlet for fostering a deeper relationship.

• Change the Channel – Whether on MTV, VH1, or another station, reality stars do not limit their limelight to the space provided by the network on which their show is aired. They find multiple outlets to keep themselves in the spotlight. Professionals can use this same brand building tactic to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

• Leave Moderation to the Diet – Regardless of how much some people say they’ve had enough of certain reality stars, the truth is the constant presence of some on television and online has created a situation where many people would feel something is amiss without their presence. Keeping up appearances, and becoming a part of the everyday worlds of their customers and clients can greatly improve brand recognition for companies, organizations, and professionals.

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