The Undeath of Social Media

It’s a funny thing, you join a site like Facebook or LinkedIn, make your connections and go on with your day to day. You get up in the morning, have your breakfast, go to work, etc etc. Facebook has become such an integrated part of everyday life for so many of it’s users, and Twitter has forged some cult like followings in some cases, that statements like this:

“It’s a bubble. Social networks have been around for a long time, people get excited about joining a network and use it for a couple of months but once they get to know people they’ll use other communication..”

seem almost silly in relation. What should make things even more interesting to note, is the quote is from an article dating back to November of 2005 about the ‘oldest social media network around’ Friendster. It’s been five and a half years now since the social network bubble apparently, yet here we are eyes deep Facebooking and Twittering to our lives content. How is it that this bubble hasn’t burst?

The coming of age of the first of the digital generation is mostly to blame. If you were born past the year 1995, you could crown yourself a member of this generation. The Facebooking, Twittering, mobile and social media networking evolution of the world.

Sit up and take notice baby boomers, the world isn’t yours anymore, it’s being reworked, remolded and shaped to fit the information and digital generation. Relax, sit back and enjoy your retirement. We’ll take the reins from here.

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