The World Through the Eyes of Google

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2011 is very nearly complete, another year of search under our collective belts and hopefully we’re all just a little bit smarter. With the world being digital, it’s fairly simple to get in tune to the heartbeat of the world and what is on ‘our’ minds. Google has pushed out it’s Zeitgeist for 2011, in a great little tool that’s easy to browse through and learn just a little about what makes us tick.

The overall top 10 fastest rising searches of 2011 just happened to be:

1)Rebecca Black
3)Ryan Dunn
4)Casey Anthony
5)Battlefield 3
6)iPhone 5
8)TEPCO – Fukishima Reactor Plant
9)Steve Jobs
10)iPad 2

If someone who’d never met a human before saw this trend list, they’d be hard pressed I think to wonder about our fleeting fascination with global topics. One potential disaster that could have harmed untold numbers of the Japanese population nearly buried on a list of electronics, television and pop stars, video games and tech gadgets. Maybe the list is a little better closer to home? Lets have a quick look at the top 10 fastest rising searches for Canada

3)Canada Post Strike
4)Rebecca Black
5)Ryan Dunn
6)Japan Earthquake
7)Game of Thrones
8)Jack Layton
9)Royal Wedding

Well.. it seems that we’re not much better than the rest of the world, with having Rebecca Black, Ryan Dunn and a video game taking 3 of the top 5 spots in Canada. Maybe next year we can try a little harder? Happy holidays 🙂