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Toronto SEO experts Fresh Traffic for companies competing in Toronto looking to hire an seo company.  We know as a business in Toronto you are faced with the highest levels of local and international competition in Canada in key industries such as finance, tourism, food services, life sciences and alternative energy.   You need to stand out from your competitors and be ready for new entries. Our Toronto SEO services are geared for just that, offering search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay per click management and link building services. Large or small we’re here to help you grow your company image and brand online securing genuine organic search engine results for your website.

Toronto SEO

Our Toronto SEO Services

Website Audit & Quality Assurance: We can provide an audit of your existing website or ensure your site is optimized correctly before you launch. We can predict how search engine spiders will view your site before launch, and quickly make all the necessary amendments to prevent a wasteful and damaging period of trial and error after you’ve gone live.

Keyword research: One of the most important steps is understanding your customers and how they find you and your products. We carry out an extensive exercise in keyword research and analysis and target these keywords and ensure they are aligned with your business objectives.

Competitor Analysis: It is very important to track your competitors and their visibility in the internet space. We look at where your business can be placed to take advantage of your online presence. ‘Know your enemy’.

Traffic Mapping: With our extensive and comprehensive tools, we look an analyse traffic patterns, find the best sources of traffic for your business and target customers to provide more traffic and visitors, therefore increasing your online sales conversion.

On Page Optimization: There is an abundance of websites out there but this is where you can gain that edge over your competitors. Having a pretty looking website that cannot be found in the search engines is like redecorating a shop, but then closing the door on your customers.

We can unlock the potential of your website with our on page optimization skills and first class SEO engineers. We carry out an audit using our comprehensive tools and fix issues from site navigation, web page speed loading issues, internal linking, domain issues and optimize your text for the search engines.

We’ve dealt with all these problems before and can work with you or your developers to resolve them.

Link Building and Popularity: One of the things that Google and other search engines look at is the link popularity of our website. This means the number of other sites that link to yours. As the search engines algorithms get more sophisticated quality not quantity is the order of the day – it is now more important to have quality links that are relevant from related sites.

Our link building services are second to none and we deploy a link building campaign that is first and foremost ethical and gradual, which provides a safe and robust strategy therefore safeguarding your future web site rankings.

We do not use automated directory submission systems, but create links manually in a controlled fashion and select the best directories for your business.

Our link building strategy is varied from deep links to social media links. This is now more important than ever in the eyes of the search engines.

Brand Reputation Management: It is important to defend and protect your brand from negative online press – ’sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me’ no longer applies online. To do this you need take advantage of the different methods of publishing information to the search engines using Google maps, articles, news feeds, videos and social media sites. This way you can monopolize the top search engine positions and ensure your online profile is a good one. Read more on our online reputation management services >>

Rebrand, Migration or Upgrade: We have experience of rebranding businesses, web site migrations and know all the pitfalls that can occur when changing over your web hosting, operating system or redesigning your web site. We can provide a structured project and implementation plan to ensure your rankings don’t suffer following these changes.

Reporting and Analysis: We provide our clients reports of your keyword rankings so you can see where your site is ranked in any major search engine database.

Copy Writing/Article Writing: We provide SEO copywriting services ensure that your page content is optimized with relevant primary keywords as well as semantically or topically related keywords. As professional content writers we also ensure that all content is written in a manner that is appealing to visitors and helps to encourage conversions and sales.

We also offer article writing and article distribution services. Article marketing is a powerful method of building relevant links that direct to your web pages. These articles include keyword optimized links that point to the relevant pages of your site and are submitted to directories that have proven most beneficial to aid in a search engine optimization campaign.

PR Releases

We can write a targeted PR release for your business which is optimized for the search engines. We also submit your Pr release to various news platforms, like Google news.

How to Contact Us:

Whether you need a short or long-term campaign feel free to give us a phone call. We look at all variables in your industry like peak periods and competition to determine how best to realize return. We provide the plan and the data analysis to help everyone map and track back our growth. Call us now on 416.694.4438 or email us at sales[at] for further details.

Fresh Traffic is an innovative Internet Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Consultant company with head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

We are small, flexible team SEO consultants and web marketers that work exclusively with one business per niche market, helping you grow your company image and brand online, securing genuine organic search engine results for your website.

We offer Search Engine Optimization Services for websites in need of SEO work to help push them higher in the important search rankings game. SEO services are key if you want your website to actively help you sell.

Search Engine Optimization & SEO Services should be an essential core part of the Online Search Engine Marketing Strategy to survive the rigor of business life online in Toronto.

“It is not the job of Search Engine Optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically re-engineer the web site so that it becomes an eagle.” Its time you got a Fresh Approach.