Twitters Growing Pains?

Website optimization can be a fickle thing to work with, seeing as there are rules, loop holes, dead ends, pitfalls, etc. that need to be followed and monitored to ensure success. Even after sinking all of the proper research, proper content development, ensuring a geniusely built website, and having the “golden egg laying goose” can not guarantee success.

Just as optimization is fickle, so are people. When the latest craze hits and picks up steam, society runs with it. Embraces the “new” and runs with it as fast, and as long as possible. Whether it’s a new sandwich from a restaurant, or the worlds cheapest and fastest race car, in the end it will get used until it’s outlived it’s usefulness.

Social media, and social media marketing, is a great example of this trend. Everything experiences growing pains, people, animals, even the internet. Geocities was one of the first social media experiments, free websites (albeit very basic ones) for ads running on your site. There are a number of services like this which still exist. Myspace, aka Facebook version 0.01, is still up and running, with ads on each page, society has been moving away from Myspace in favor of Facebook. The two largest “of the moment” social markets would be Facebook, and Twitter. Facebook, having been built initially as a resource for university students to keep in touch with one another, exploded into the beast today, with ads, apps, an open coding platform for people to make their own apps, and status updates which people and business can use to keep their followers “in the loop”. And then there’s Twitter, the current favorite in terms of real time information exchange. No ads, a totally free service, just 140 characters to share what’s on your mind.

All of these markets experienced their own perils and pitfalls, but right now, Twitter may be on the cusp of greatness, or failure. With no real revenue stream, business model, or transparent cash flow (aside from investors), Twitter has been recently been failing in it’s service to deliver real time information to it’s users. Growing pains of the technology which built it, Twitter may trip and fall, or it may fly.

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