Web Analytics Is Easy!

Web analytics is easy. Actually incredibly easy. Assuming the desired outcomes are changes that will positively impact your site (what other purpose can you think of?), you’ll find that even complete analytics beginners can drive surprising value.

Web analytics is made this easy because your site has more issues than you’d care to admit. Starting with some metrics like bounce rate by landing page, it’s a walk in the park to identify a host of issues with your site, your marketing plan, your calls to action and more.

Bounce rate aka. percent of single page view sessions (times where users enter your site and leave almost immediately) is the online version of your wife saying “hell no” when you walk up with that new shirt you thought was so snazzy. Don’t take it personally when people reject your content, especially when you think it’s great. It isn’t a personal jab. Just get past it and change it for the better. Test it using a website optimizer. Your site is there to make you money, not generate pride points.

Web analytics is also easy because you can learn as you go. Almost all of the insights you will come across in your web analytics journey are a result of you saying, “Interesting..” Then you dig a little, find an answer, and come up with a new way of doing things. It’s often full of surprises, your findings when you’re digging through Google Analytics or any other tool, because what you’re really looking for are things that you don’t expect.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a complete newbie, you’re going to have to dig in and figure out what’s causing that drop in page views per session or conversion rate or video completion rate or whatever else you’re measuring, and it’s almost always going to be a learning experience. The conclusions and efficiencies that come from the seasoned veteran may be superior, but the newbie can definitely hold the fort, much more than we often give them credit for.

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