Web & SEO Predictions for 2011

Well we got most right for 2010 including Real Time Search, Local Results, Social Marketing and Personalised Search Results.

I asked around a few in the know and added our thoughts, after all we have been around the web 15 years now and still managing to make a living 🙂 Here are all the predictions for 2011.

Top 5 SEO Factors for 2011
– Bing & Facebook v Google & Twitter
– Google Instant
– Google Local
– Video Optimization
– Social Media Optimization – SMO – (watch out for LinkedIn)

Top 5 Web Factors for 2011
– Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO
– Video (again!)
– Social Media Integration
– 5′s (speak, sell, serve, save, and sizzle)
– Simplicity

Here are ineed hits thoughts:

  • Online Marketing Will Get an Even Bigger Chunk of Marketing Budgets

Customers and prospects are increasingly going online early in the buying cycle to gather information, form relationships, and make decisions about how they will buy. As a result, businesses must move marketing budgets to where the customers and prospects are – online.

  • 2011 Will be the Coming of Age Year for Social Media Marketing

While the past few years has seen many marketers experimenting with social media tactics, in 2011, businesses will be executing social tactics that are fully integrated into the overall marketing strategy. So if you’re business isn’t on Facebook or Twitter – then in 2011 you will definitely be behind the eight ball.

  • Mobile Marketing Set To Take Off

Interest in mobile marketing has exploded in recent years due to the introduction and success of the iPhone. As the adoption of such Smart phones grows, mobile marketing will expand beyond mobile messaging to make mobile email, mobile websites and mobile applications the new ways to market to the masses.

  • Personalized Marketing to Jump to the Next Level

Expect more personalization capability to be embedded in websites in 2011. For example, regular visitors to a website will see a page based on all the information collected from previous visits. We also expect that personalized marketing will be extended beyond the website to other marketing channels such as social media, mobile and email marketing.

  • SEO Will Become Even More Complex

With Google facing strong competition from Bing, Baidu and Yandex and social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn the task of getting your business on the first page of search results has become much more complex. Also, with mobile search and geo-location search playing such a big role in 2010, the 2011 year is sure to be full of challenges and surprises for search engine optimizers.

Small Business Internet Marketing thoughts

95% of Small and local businesses fail to acquire top position in search engines. This is mainly due to failing at the fundamentals of SEO and internet marketing. In 2011 there will be a push for diverse content in a way unseen in recent times.

Previously, getting listed in directories was the only goal for a webmaster. Now, with the advent of Google, the web has changed. Web 2.0 and Social media have dominated the scene. In 2011, two critical factors will benefit companies with websites.

1. Diverse Content – Never before has there been a demand for a company to market in such a way that articles, blogs, videos, social media, RSS, and podcasts are the norm. A local business owner who is not adept at each of the Internet Marketing Services doesn’t stand a chance against a competitor that is either a seasoned internet marketer or one who has employed a Local SEO specialist. The ability to obtain diverse content across the web is an art and science that will rule the school in 2011.

2. Direct Response Website – Business card websites are outdated, but still around. Local companies are failing to take advantage of social media, opt-in, auto responder, and other technologies that allow them to continually market to a target audience, vs. simply a hit on a web page. Industry experts agree that by utilizing direct response websites, conversion rates move from a 2-3% average to a 10-20% average!

3. Social Media – Social Media will still be king in 2011. Companies will learn more about at least having profiles at Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In. Although in 2011, social media will still be a younger crowds game, more and more businesses will follow the example of the Business Giants, and catch up sadly…..and tweet they will.

So there you have it, please add your own thoughts if you have any, and dont forget should you require any expert help getting your business listed, call us, we would be happy to help.

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