Why Winnipeg


The title why Winnipeg is a question I must get asked a hundred times a week.

What made you choose Winnipeg, why not Toronto or Vancouver, surely this would be better for you.

Okay, giving myself a little bit of toffee here, I’m pretty well known on a global scale especially for what I do on the Internet, the immigration officer at Toronto airport knew who I was when i flew in and so did the guy in the American Embassy in Vancouver.

Yes and they asked the question too, Why Winnipeg.

Well Winnipeg has a simplicity about it, you get a sense of familiarity with the city and the people, it’s relatively easy to commute around, it’s safe and you feel a strong sense of community.

When you have lived and worked in big cities around the world you come to appreciate these little things more.

As for my work it has it’s pluses and minuses, great opportunities and a growing marketplace, we maybe have a few years to go to catch the Toronto’s of this world, but that’s not to say that the potential isn’t here.

When Winnipeggers realise that we are just as good as everyone else in Canada and lose the inferiority complex and small mind thinking we will come much further.

Only in the last 12 months we have seen a massive increase in companies providing SEO and Internet marketing services, my sector, 6 to about 70, so either half of Europe or the US company’s have moved here or Winnipeg web businesses are just good opportunist. You decide. It’s your turn Winnipeg

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